Фото-албум на моите пернати приятели

I'm Chicco! Yeah, my crest! I know! I do sleep in curlers every nite to  maintain it!

That's right! I'm Jacky! I'm the big boss here! That's why I've chosen this place for myself!

The two of us have great time together! But hey, my dad has to watch out for that big bird!

Can you see what I mean now? This big bird really pisses me off sometime!

I love hanging from the curtains! My favorite play is to swing here with the help of my dad.

Hmmm! I love when my dad takes pics of me. But hey, am I gonna get this cam right now?!?

OK! Don't you see I'm waving good bye now?

A dog and a cat? Who let you both here, in my house?

Thanks for the applause! Oooops! Forgot my pants!!

Parrots in Bulgaria: Форум за стопани на папагали в България

I'm my dad's sweet little angel!

Here's the proof! He loves me sooo much!

What a beautiful bird!

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